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Re: LMDB file size, again

Christian Sell wrote:
You're being stupid.

let's say I am stubborn. As I mentioned, I have the requirement that the user be
able to copy the database file away on their USB stick (or send it via email,
for that matter). With SQLite, that is no problem. But with LMDB under Windows
the user is looking at a huge file, which will be unacceptable in all
likelihood. I also must allow the user to copy using file system tools, and not
some custom utility.

So I take it that LMDB is simply not designed or suitable for such a scenario.

Windows and its lack of reasonable sparse file support makes it not a suitable OS. (Windows supports sparse files, but not by default, and there is a 30% performance degradation when using that support in LMDB.)

If you're stuck with Windows and these other requirements then I recommend you use something other than LMDB, it is not appropriate for your use case.

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