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This FAQ answers OpenLDAP Developer's questions.

The information provided in this FAQ is, in general, specific to the OpenLDAP 2.X-devel (HEAD) code. Hence, it is likely not current!

(Category) OpenLDAP OID Registry
(Category) Porting OpenLDAP
(Category) Reference Materials
(Category) Release Engineering

Component specific categories:
(Category) libldap

Answers in this category:
(Answer) How can I help?
(Answer) How can I help update the OpenLDAP Guide?
(Answer) How do I contribute software documentation?
(Answer) How do I get write access to the OpenLDAP CVS repository?
(Answer) What documentation do we have, and what do we want?
(Answer) Summer of Code 2008 ideas
(Answer) openldap log
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) I am trying to build openldap-2.4.33 client library for android, who can tell me how to set parameters for "./configure".Thanks

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