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LDAP SDKs and other development tools
Open Source SDKs:
(Answer) OpenLDAP SDKs for C, C++, Java, and Tcl
(Answer) Mozilla Directory SDKs for C, Java, and Perl
(Answer) NeoSoft Tcl API - Tcl Extension
(Answer) Net::LDAP 100% Perl LDAP Module
(Answer) Net::LDAPapi C-API Perl Module
(Answer) PHP Hypertext scripting with integrated LDAP API
(Answer) Python-LDAP
(Answer) LDAP SDK for SmallTalk
(Answer) Ch LDAP Ch binding to OpenLDAP

Publically available SDKs:
(Answer) Sun JNDI Java Naming & Directory Interface
(Answer) Microsoft ADSI C/C++ SDK for MS Windows
(Answer) Novell LDAP Libraries A LDAP binding for C#

Other Developer Tools:
(Answer) LDAP Schema Viewer
(Answer) DirMark
(Answer) Schema Registry Project

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