OpenLDAP, OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Tübingen - 2018

OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Tübingen - 2018

The OpenLDAP Project held its fifth OpenLDAP Developers' Day conference in Tübingen, Germany on Monday 8 October 2018.

Ths event brought together developers of OpenLDAP Software, related software, directory researchers, and other interested community members to discuss ongoing and future engineering efforts, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the OpenLDAP Project.


Organizer, Host, SponsorWelcome
Howard Chu, Symas OpenLDAP History -- A Retrospective on 20 Years
Ondrej Kuznik, Symas OpenLDAP Load Balancer
Michael Ströder, Defense in Depth: Hardening an OpenLDAP deployment
Michael Ströder, Write your own PAM/NSS Caching Demon for LDAP with Python
Howard Chu, Symas Overview of LMDB 1.0 Features and Enhancements
Matt Hardin, Symas The Role of Private Companies in Open Source Projects
AllPanel Discussion (no slides)
General discussion on future work and directions


The event was organized by DAASI International and hosted by the University of Tübingen Center for Data Processing. The event was sponsored by Symas

DAASI International U. of Tücbingen Center for Data Processing Symas

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